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ABBA: Historia kultowego zespołu

published March 12, 2024

Updated 17 April 2024

The Polish edition of ABBA At 50 is the fifth version of the book, following on from the English, German, French and Hungarian editions published in 2022 and 2023.

The Polish edition is entitled ABBA: Historia kultowego zespołu and is published 15 May 2024. The interior design follows the original English edition, but the book is a little smaller than the original UK edition: 163 x 235 mm. An ordering link is available in the "Order from" menu.

Abba. Historia kultowego zespołu book by Carl Magnus Palm

Abba. Historia kultowego zespołu. Published by Znak Koncept, 15 May 2024. Polish language. 240 pp. Size: 163 x 235 mm. ISBN: 978-83-240-7742-7.