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ABBA At 50

published January 20, 2022


On 8 September 2022, Palazzo Editions published a new photo-based book for which I have written the text, entitled ABBA At 50. The title obviously celebrates that it's 50 years since ABBA's first recording, People Need Love, was released.

The publication of ABBA At 50 got off to a fabulous start with a five-star review proclaiming that the book "is the kind of essential book that if any ABBA fan was asked 'Voulez-Vous', they'd reply 'I Do, I Do, I Do'", as well as a Number One position on's chart of bestselling International Music books (Number Two in the Popular Music book chart). The book has also been featured on the BBC Radio 2 show Elaine Paige on Sunday.

Encompassing 240 pages, ABBA At 50 tells the ABBA story from childhood up to and including the Voyage album. The book follows the format of earlier similar titles published by Palazzo Editions, which is a quality publisher; please check out Palazzo's other music book titles. ABBA At 50 also includes a basic album discography (all the studio albums, some of the important compilation albums, and the ABBA Live album).

Because of the format, it is not as detailed as, say, my book Bright Lights Dark Shadows - The Real Story Of ABBA, but even if I say so myself, I think ABBA At 50 reads really well. There are about 50,000 words in it, so it's still quite substantial. If nothing else I feel it will be perfect for the fan who wants to know a lot more than you can get from a Wikipedia article, but maybe doesn't feel ready to get to grips with a doorstop bio. I'm really proud of this book and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

In addition to the English-language version, ABBA At 50 is also published in German, French, Hungarian and Polish editions.

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(because I frequently get questions about issues like these)

1.  The English-language edition of ABBA At 50 has the same cover image as Jean-Marie Potiez' fab ABBA - The Scrapbook. I alerted the publisher to this fact but they decided that they liked this picture so much that they wanted to go ahead with it.

2.  The book features plenty of photographs, although I'm unable to tell you which (if any) are rare or previously unseen. All I can tell you is that there are a number of pics in it that I personally don't remember seeing before and some that I feel may not have been published too many times. It's a book aimed at a wide audience, so the photos have to represent the important parts of the ABBA story.

3.  The book doesn't feature the ABBA logo because this is a registered trademark and you're not allowed to use it on unauthorised books.

4. I won't be selling any signed copies of this book through my website. Time constraints being the main reason - I'm swamped with work.