It's a George-a-vaganza!

Published September 30, 2011

I don't mind admitting that I've been drooling for a long time now at the prospect of Martin Scorsese's mammoth George Harrison documentary, Living In The Material World, which will receive its first public screenings and airings next week. For a long-time Beatles fan, this is like an early Christmas. Here in Sweden we have to wait until the DVD release on October 10 - which is much too long, as far as I'm concerned.

Meanwhile, the book of the same name has an official release date of October 3, but in an amazing reversal of what's usually the case (things getting delayed, postal services f***ing up), my copy of the book was delivered by the good folks at Amazon today three days in advance!

The book is not a proper biography, rather it's a pictorial journey through George's life with comments from George and his friends, many previously unseen photos (several taken by George himself) as well as rare documents, letters and what have you. I know what I'll be doing tonight...

If you want to know more about the Living In The Material World project, this is a convenient place for information.

Getting quizzical

Published September 09, 2011

So, as previously reported here, our Pet Sounds Music Quiz team scored our sixth victory a few months ago, and yesterday we hosted the quiz ourselves. A somewhat disappointing turn-out - only 17 competing teams when sometimes there have been as many as 40 - turned out to be something of a relief, since it greatly facilitated the marking of the quizzes. It's all very well putting together the quiz and creating complex questions, but when you're standing there desperately scrambling for the final score, while the competing teams are getting bored and restless, it's no child's play.

Yours truly smugly contemplating those difficult Prince questions ahead.

We had a great time in the DJ booth, and I'm proud to say that Mårten & The Slappers (our team) were a definition of teamwork at its finest on this Thursday night. Some of my own contributions to the quiz consisted of pairing together the right Prince-related song with one of his "aliases" (either as performer or as a songwriter for other artists). See if you can match these songs with the appropriate Prince pseudonyms without googling:

  1. Money Don’t Matter 2 Night
  2. Sugar Walls 
  3. Pop Life
  4. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 
  5. Manic Monday 


  1. Prince & The Revolution
  2. Prince love symbol 
  3. Christopher
  4. Prince & The New Power Generation
  5. Alexander Nevermind

Team members Håcan and Micke discussing the finer points of hosting a music quiz.

I also put together the Fan Art quiz, which kept the teams occupied while we were working out the final score. See if you can identify all the stars in these uncannily life-like portrayals of some of the world's major music stars. I will post the correct answers here in a week or so.

Between the hip-hop, the disco and reggae hits, the Danger Mouse and dinner party threads (too complicated to explain in this blog), I'm pretty satisfied with last night's quiz. However, I wouldn't mind if our team didn't win for a few months now, because it's also a lot of hard work hosting a successful music quiz.