It's going to take some time this time

Published August 27, 2010

Carole King - Music

"It's going to take some time this time" - those words from Carole King's 'It's Going To Take Some Time', which I happen to have listened to repeatedly over the past few days, somehow seem very appropriate when considering how long it's taken to get the new version of Carl Magnus up and running.

I believe it was about two years ago that I first started discussing a revamp of the site, but after various setbacks and delays - most of which I'm responsible for - I finally feel that this can be called a proper website. There is still much work to be done, but most of the material from the previous incarnation of Carl Magnus is now in place, in some cases in new and improved versions.

As for the blog, I'm certainly not going to go on boring you with details about the revamp of the site. Instead, this will be a forum for my views on and reviews of whatever strikes my fancy within "the arts". My hope being that the reader will get something out of it, of course.

Watch this space, as they say...