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ABBA On Record – the basic facts

published October 19, 2023

Last updated 22 February 2024

As we're nearing the publication date of my book ABBA On Record – Packaged Promoted Reviewed, this page aims to collect all the relevant up-to-date information on the book. As soon as I have more specific information to share, this page will be updated. Important updates will also be announced in my social media channels and in my newsletter.


● You may pre-order ABBA On Record at Pre-order your copy no later than Wednesday 28 February if you want to be a part of the Big Shipping (see below) and get your book as early as possible.

● The book has been printed and has arrived at the distributors in Sweden. They are now processing the delivery to their facilities and will prepare the forthcoming shipping of the books to those who have pre-ordered.

● The week of 4–8 March, I will be at the distributors in the town of Falun, Sweden, signing about 1,500 books.

● The Big Shipping of the book from Sweden for everyone who has pre-ordered takes place in the week of 11–15 March.

● The books will be wrapped in bubble wrap and then packed in sturdy cardboard packaging.

● The distributors tell me that deliveries outside Sweden will be handled by UPS.

● The ebook is scheduled for delivery in the week starting 18 March 2024 (subject to change). It will be delivered in two formats: PDF and ePub. Mobi will not be delivered as this format is now outdated, and Kindle readers can handle ePub files. More information in this ebook document.

[Please visit for more details about prices and packages, and to place your order.]

If you pre-ordered the book between 5 April 2019 and 31 October 2021: Your name will be printed in the book as a pre-order contributor and you will get the book signed by me, with a personal dedication (for example, "To John" and my signature).

If you pre ordered the book between 1 November 2021 and 21 October 2023: You will get the book signed by me, with a personal dedication (for example, "To John" and my signature).

Copies of ABBA On Record bought after 21 October 2023 will not be signed for as long as this edition remains in print.

I have all the orders made from 2019 until the present on file. No further instructions are needed, but do let me know if your address has changed since you placed your order, or if you want the book signed to another person than the one who ordered it.

ABBA On Record started out as a companion volume to the 2017 book ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions (revised and expanded edition). I began accepting pre-orders for this new book in April 2019, at which time I anticipated that it would be finished within a year or so. But then I realised that the story was much bigger than I had originally thought and, so, the project grew and resulted in an endless series of delays.

This has been the most painful part for me, as accepting pre-orders for a book and then not delivering as promised goes against every fibre of my being. While I'm very grateful that the overwhelming majority of people who have pre-ordered have been understanding, and insisted that they'd rather wait for a potentially great book than take delivery of a merely adequate one, I have not taken the delays lightly.

A further complication occurred when it transpired that ABBA were about to release a new album. I had originally intended to include an appendix about the two new songs that were announced in 2018, but when the Voyage album was announced in September 2021, I felt that I must include the story of the entire album, recording-sessions-style, in the book. Needless to say, this caused further delays in the writing of the book.

The book is now, finally, in the printing stages and will be shipped in mid-March 2024. To everyone who has pre-ordered ABBA On Record: my heartfelt thanks go out to you for your extraordinary patience.

A summary of what the book is about is available on the main page about the book on this website.

A description of a typical chapter is available in a blog post from October 2021.

There is a page of blog posts about the contents of the book, where you can find more detailed information.


I don't have a publication date for the PDF of the appendices I had to remove from the book for space reasons (The Music That Inspired Them, What Is A Schlager? and the Lyrics Sentiment Analysis). They will be delivered later in 2024, but for now all my time and energy is devoted to planning the shipping of ABBA On Record.

ABBA On Record is a "special interest" title. While it's not impossible that a publisher would be interested in publishing it, sales expectations would be relatively low. This in turn means that very little money would trickle through to the author, and so, it would be impossible for me to stay afloat while researching and writing the book. However, by cutting out as many middlemen as possible, I can make it work. This is not a complaint towards any publishers I have worked with over the years – it's just the reality of the book business.

The answer to this question is quite complex, but here's an attempt at a relatively brief explanation. A book like ABBA On Record will only have a limited readership. This has nothing to do with the quality of its contents, but is simply how things are: a certain kind of passion for the history of ABBA is required and the overwhelming majority of ABBA fans does not have this passion. This means that it's not possible to sell many copies of a book like ABBA On Record. Yet, the book requires a lot of research, which takes time and is also sometimes quite costly, as it requires trips (both within Sweden and abroad). I, as the writer, need to survive while I'm researching and writing the book, and dealing with all the other things related to its production and distribution. To put it succinctly, the book would not exist if I didn't charge a price that reflects the cost of producing it.

Please place your order at

ABBA On Record. Published 15 March 2024. English language. 456 pp. Hardback. CMP Text. ISBN: 978-91-519-0980-6 (or 9789151909806).

ABBA On Record. Published 15 March 2024. English language. 456 pp. Hardback. CMP Text. ISBN: 978-91-519-0980-6 (or 9789151909806).