New (but old) Complete Recording Sessions interview

News August 03, 2017

"Songs would evolve through the recording: when all arrangement touches had been added, they would have a completely different feel than they had originally." »

Personligt varumärke - frukostseminarium

News August 02, 2017

Ladda inför höstsäsongen med att lära dig hur du stärker ditt personliga varumärke. Morgonen kryddas med fascinerande och lite oväntad information om hur världssuccén ABBA lanserades. »

That five-star review again...

News July 28, 2017

A proper scan provided for your reading pleasure. »

Five out of five for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions in Classic Pop magazine

News June 22, 2017

"The ultimate ABBA artefact," writes Mark Lindores. »

Cool-looking bookmarks for sale

News May 31, 2017

Mark your favourite pages in ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions with these custom-made beauties. »

Electronic Sound magazine interviews me about Benny's keyboards

News May 27, 2017

ABBA's keyboardist was something of a synth pioneer. »

A four-star review for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions in Record Collector

News May 25, 2017

A "beautifully designed passion project", writes Jamie Atkins. »

New interview on ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions

News May 19, 2017

Online magazine We Are Cult asks question about my new ABBA book. »

Review of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions in The Beat magazine

News May 14, 2017

Reviewer Russell Newmark thinks the book is "an exemplary display of research and writing". »

In-depth interview with yours truly

News May 11, 2017

It's about ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions and my career in general. »