Sources and Notes for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions finally available

News February 10, 2018

Want to know who said what to whom and when? Then the Sources and Notes are for you.

Don't you just hate it when it says "Coming soon", or words to that effect, on a website and then...nothing happens for months or years? In the case of the Sources and Notes for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions I'm afraid I've been guilty of such a crime. The book was published at the end of March 2017, but only now, almost a year later, I'm finally publishing those Sources and Notes.

The reason for the delay is partly that I've been very busy in the aftermath of the publication of the book, but also that I knew that some quotes in the list of Notes would be a nightmare to source accurately. The main problem was the interviews I did with Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus back in 1993: I don't have them in an electronic format, only as printouts from the time. This meant that if I was going to identify each quote correctly - i.e. the exact date for the interview from which that particular quote has been extracted - I had to go through these interviews over and over and over again.

Anyway, it's been done now, and with the support, advice and encouragement of my faithful proof readers, Ian Cole and Paul Carter, I can finally present the Sources and Notes. They are available here.

If you're curious about the book attached to these Sources and Notes, you can read more and order your copy here:

ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions: the Sources and Notes have finally been published.