Phil Collins interview about Frida's album - help CMP!

News February 02, 2018

Can you identify the source?

Update: This query has now been resolved - almost. The quote is most commonly known from Paul Snaith's book ABBA - The Music Still Goes On. I have contacted Paul to see if he recalls where he first found it.


Here's a query for you ABBA people out there. I have in my archive bits of an interview with Phil Collins where he talks about Frida's Something's Going On album. I quoted a bit of the interview in ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, but I don't know where it's from.

I do know that it's not from Phil Collins' autobiography, not from Ray Coleman's biography, and not from Johnny Waller's biography. Anyone knows when and where the interview was published? It must be from 1982 or maybe 1983.

This is the only section I have:

Phil: "At first Frida was very insecure because she's always been told what to do in ABBA by Benny and Björn. I would go in there and stir up a hornet's nest, because Stig Andersson wanted one of Benny and Björn's songs on the album - a song that hadn't even been written - because he wanted to keep it in the family. I said: "Well, listen, this song is not yet written and it's not going to go on the album unless we like it - it's not a foregone conclusion." And Frida was saying, "Quite right, quite right".

I think with this first album Frida has gained a lot of strength, being able actually not to be told what to do. I just said to her, "YOU do it. It's YOUR album. You can sing the way you want to...."

Could it be a transcript from a radio interview? If so, which?

Any ideas...? You can contact me here.

Many thanks in advance!



Phil Collins and Frida, 1982.