Newspaper story based on ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions

News August 22, 2017

Sweden's Aftonbladet writes about ABBA - The Movie, incorporating info from my latest book.

This newspaper story was published back in June and I wouldn't even be aware of it if it wasn't for my friend Kjell Norström, who alerted me to it. It's not available online, only in the print version of the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Published on 9 June, journalist Jens Peterson's story is based on the 40th anniversary of the filming of the Stockholm scenes in ABBA - The Movie, and the fact that sessions for ABBA - The Album were conducted during the summer as well, so there are plenty of references to facts gleaned from my book, the title of which is mentioned in the story. Peterson also refers to 'One Man, One Woman' and its original working title, 'Sjömansvisa'; the first studio version of 'Thank You For The Music'; and the recording of 'The Name Of The Game' and 'Eagle', and their respective working titles: 'A Bit Of Myself' and 'High, High'.

The story is here.

The full stories behind these and every other song recorded by ABBA are of course included in the book, which can be ordered here:



ABBA filming ABBA - The Movie in Stockholm in June 1977