Latest news about the Siw Malmkvist book

News September 07, 2010

Publication of the book slightly postponed; plus: a limited edition CD to be included with 1,000 copies of the book; plus: watch an interview with Siw where she talks about her book.

The Siw Malmkvist book, originally scheduled for publication on September 9, 2010, has been slightly postponed. In all likelihood it should be in distribution sometime next week.

A limited edition CD of previously unreleased recordings will be included with the book for those who buy it from (there is no info about the CD at right now, but it will be added soon). The CD contains 17 tracks out of which only one has been released before.

Also, this morning Siw was interviewed about the book live on the Swedish television show Gomorron Sverige.

Go to the Siw Malmkvist page and click the links under "More info" to see the track listing for the CD and to watch the interview.