ABBA: Secrets Of Their Greatest Hits broadcast this Sunday

News October 21, 2019

The programme takes a look at three of ABBA's most famous songs.

ABBA: The Secrets Of Their Greatest Hits is a television programme broadcast on UK's Channel 5 on Sunday 27 October at 9pm.

Originally conceived as a programme about 'Dancing Queen', the concept was expanded to encompass three songs from the ABBA canon: 'Mamma Mia', representing the early years; 'Dancing Queen', representing mid-period success; and 'The Winner Takes It All', representing the later years. Note: I have not seen the finished programme, but this is my understanding of the concept as relayed to me by the production team.

I was interviewed for this programme: at Atlantis Studio (the former Metronome Studio) in Stockholm, in Björn and Benny's songwriting cabin on the island of Viggsö, and at RAK Studios in London. Other interviewees I'm aware of include guitarist Janne Schaffer, drummer Roger Palm, concert sound engineer and ABBA pal Claes af Geijerstam, costume designer Owe Sandström, and British media personality Nicki Chapman. I'm sure the team mentioned other names as well, but these are the ones I remember at this time.

Here's a link to Channel 5's page for the programme (not very much info there at the time of writing).


ABBA: The Secrets Of Their Greatest Hits, broadcast on the UK's Channel 5 on Sunday 27 October.