Siw Malmkvist's memoirs

Published August 16, 2010 | MORE DETAILS »

[Jag vill läsa den här texten PÅ SVENSKA]

Siw Malmkvist is one of Sweden's top artists, with a career that began in 1955 and continues to this day. Starting out as a singer, she developed into a stage performer and actress, and is something of a living legend in Sweden.

The book tells the story of Siw's life and career from childhood up to the present time. Born in 1936 and growing up as one of nine siblings in financially poor circumstances, she stumbled into a career as a professional singer when she won a talent contest at the age of 18. Her accomplishments as a singer and actress since then are manifold, and the book aims to tell not only her personal story as a woman, but also put the spotlight on her memories of her career and what it has meant to be an artist in the 20th and 21st centuries.