Gracias por la música Deluxe Edition

Event November 10, 2014 12:00 AM

ABBA's Spanish album is released as a Deluxe Edition with five bonus tracks, a DVD of TV performances and promo clips, and an essay about the album in both Spanish and English.

A Deluxe Edition of ABBA's Spanish-language recordings is issued in November 2014. Originally issued in May/June 1980, the album featured versions of a selection of ABBA's hits up to the end of 1979, plus a handful of album tracks with a "Spanish" or "Latin American" flavour.

In line with previous ABBA Deluxe Editions, this package features one CD of the original album plus bonus tracks, along with a DVD of TV performances and promo clips related to the album.

For this Deluxe Edition, I researched the track listing and the memorabilia and wrote the liner notes.

More info here.

Gracias por la música Deluxe Edition. Projected release date: November 10, 2014. Catalogue number: Polar 00602537865734.