Honaloochie confusion

Published September 13, 2010

The random links between different strands of popular music never cease to fascinate me. A while ago I was listening to Honaloochie Boogie by Mott The Hoople. The intro reminded me of something else, I just couldn't think of what. Then it hit me. The intro is not identical but very similar to the intro on the song Miss Decibel by Swedish dance band Wizex, originally a runner-up in the 1978 selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. I'm sure the similarity is coincidental, but still: a close connection between a British glam rock band and Swedish Eurovision contenders - who would have thunk it? I guess sometimes a great riff is just a great riff - or, rather more accurately, a great chord change is a great chord change - and its cultural connotations are almost irrelevant.

If you have Spotify you can click this link and listen for yourselves.