Favourite songs #3

Published November 15, 2010

Oops, the entire weekend went by and I neglected to publish a favourite songs list. Well, better late than never, I guess. And let this list also cover this current week since I already know I won't have the time to publish another list until about two weeks from now. So, without further ado then...

To Love by Carole King
This past week has been Carole King week here at Casa Palm. So easy to take for granted, but what an amazing output of great songs during the Sixties - in partnership with then-husband Gerry Goffin for myriads of Brill Building clients - and the Seventies, when her solo career took off. 'To Love', from 1970's Writer album, is perhaps not her greatest composition, but right now the laid-back country rock feeling of this song is exactly what I need.

Chicago by Sufjan Stevens
I don't listen to a lot of new music these days, but every now and then I stumble across something that catches my fancy. I'm usually not so partial to some of the indie-mannerisms displayed in this performance, but a great sing-a-long chorus gets me every time. I do realise that this song, released in 2005, isn't exactly "new", but it's certainly newer than 'To Love'. Plus it's great.

Open Your Window by Harry Nilsson
I can't say that watching the Harry Nilsson documentary that I blogged about recently encouraged me to "dig out my old Harry Nilsson albums" because I listen to them all the time anyway. Let's just say I dug them out an "extra" time. My favourite album is probably 1969's Harry, from which this track is taken. It showcases his song writing skills, as well as his wondrous early-years voice.

Ride by Prefab Sprout
A track from one of my all-time favourite bands. 'Ride' was released on last year's Let's Change The World With Music album, actually recorded as a set of demos in the early 1990s. I have a feeling the album, although garnering mostly very positive reviews, didn't make much of a dent on the world's albums charts, which is really a shame. Anyway, I bought it and this is one of its highlights.

The Moonbeam Song by Harry Nilsson
Oh, what the hell, let's include one more Nilsson track in the list. This comes from Nilsson Schmilsson, his greatest commercial success, featuring, as it does, the hits 'Without You' (as later warbled to death by Mariah Carey) and 'Coconut' (featured over the end credits in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs). In the bonus material included with DVD version of the Nilsson documentary, album producer Richard Perry states that he never understood what this song was about. Certainly, the lyrics are a piece of whimsy, but who cares when the melody, the arrangement and the vocals are so gorgeous?

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