Favourite songs #1

Published October 22, 2010

My Top 5 favourite tracks this week are:

Thunder In My Heart by Leo Sayer
Whatever happened to this kind of pop-soul? I guess it still exists somewhere, in some shape or form, but perhaps not quite as unrestrained and jubilant as this late Seventies recording.

I'm Losing You by John Lennon
From his final album Double Fantasy (recently reissued). The album has gone through a curious series of reasessments: from not being particularly well-received upon its release, to being canonised immediately after Lennon's death, and subsequently downgraded to a series of toned-down hymns to the self-satisfied family-life of a multi-millionaire. This song, however. reminds us that everything wasn't always hunky dory in the Lennon household, and also showcases his marvellous voice.

Gotta Get Away by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent
Followers of this blog may remember that I wrote about the TV series The Persuaders a while ago. Well, in the first episode this amazing slice of British sunshine pop provides the soundtrack for Curtis and Moore's race to get to their hotel. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be easily available anywhere. You have to search the www for this one.

Golden Years by David Bowie
A favourite not only this week but every week, but perhaps even more of a favourite at the moment (see a recent blog post).

Every Time I Think Of You by The Babys
Another slice of late Seventies mainstream pop with a particularly soul-y twist to it. Totally brilliant - why is this not regarded as a classic?

An honourable mention to I Was Lucky by late Eighties Swedish duo So What
Yesterday I attended the release party for a new book about the Swedish pop mag Okej. Several artists from the Eighties (the heyday of Okej) performed at the party, out of which this was probably the least celebrated, but for me it was the highlight: singer Jesper from So What performing I Was Lucky. He looked about 10 years older rather than 20 and did the same fab dance moves as in this Youtube clip. The highlight of the party as far as I was concerned. Enjoy!

Listen to some of the other tracks here.