Come And See Us again

Published May 27, 2015

As I'm looking through old music papers in search for ABBA reviews, for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, I often stumble across interesting non-ABBA-related articles that I would dearly like to read or make a copy of, if I only had the time. But much as it pains me, I mostly have to ignore it and continue my research.

Except, of course, if it's something really important. Such as discovering "Janet" from the TV series Come And See Us (which I've blogged about before) on the cover of an album entitled First Offence by obscure UK act Bunk Dogger. The ad appeared in the June 24, 1978 issue of the New Musical Express. From what I've been able to hear on Youtube, Bunk Dogger's music has very little in common with the theme music from Come And See Us, Jesse Green's Nice and Slow, to which "Janet" perform choreographed moves (I hesitate to call it dancing) in the opening credits.

As for what "Janet's" supposed to be measuring on that album cover, I dare not even imagine.