23 December: George Michael: December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas)

Published December 23, 2020

What a strange recording career George Michael had. In the 29 years that elapsed between the 1987 release of his massive Faith album and his death in 2016, he released only four albums, one of which was a collection of covers. In between, there were scattered singles, charity releases, CD EPs, compilation albums, scandals and lawsuits.

Hardly surprising, then, that this lovely track passed me by completely when it was first released as a free download in 2008. It was issued commercially the following year, but the first batch of physical copies were sold out in one day in the UK. It barely seems to have registered outside Great Britain. As I said: strange. I didn't become aware of the song until after George Michael passed away, but I now think it's one of the best things he ever did.

Listen to 'December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas)' here.

Or listen on Spotify, where I've created a playlist for this year's Advent Calendar.








One of George Michael's best songs, but not a major hit.