17 December: The Three Wise Men: Thanks For Christmas

Published December 17, 2020

From yesterday's 1948 American boogie exercise, we travel 35 years ahead to the United Kingdom in 1983. And what do we find there? This commercially unsuccessful single by The Three Wise Men. They were really XTC, of course, which becomes quite apparent when you listen to it, if you're familiar with Andy Partridge's singing voice.

The song didn't chart in the UK, nor anywhere else it seems. I have a feeling it hasn't acquired a significant retrospective following either. It's a shame, for it's quite good, and deserves to be included on pop Christmas compilations.

Listen to 'Thanks For Christmas' here.

This song is not available on Spotify, but the 2020 Advent Calendar entries that are, are collected in this playlist.












The Three Wise Men - they were really XTC.