08 December: The J's With Jamie: Cool Yule

Published December 08, 2019

From yesterday's well-known Advent Calendar recording, we move on to something decidedly more obscure.

According to Wikipedia, The J's With Jamie were "an American musical group specializing in commercial jingles in the 1950s and 1960s". The story behind their Christmas EP Season's Greetings, from which 'Cool Yule' has been extracted, is quite interesting, as it was pressed by the group themselves and sent out in lieu of ordinary Christmas cards. This, apparently, led to a proper recording contract with Columbia Records.

'Cool Yule' was written by our friend Steve Allen (see 01 December Advent Calendar post) and introduced by Louis Armstrong in 1953. The version by The J's With Jamie does sound very much like a commercial of the times; perhaps they just couldn't help themselves from trying to "sell" something when they sang together.

Listen here.

Cool Yule was a track on this self-released EP by The J's With Jamie.