04 December: Postflickorna: Juldanser I

Published December 04, 2019

Postflickorna ("The Post Girls") was a Swedish vocal choir formed in the 1950s, the members all being employees at the bank branch of the Swedish post office. They became quite popular for a number of years.

The choir had a big fan in ABBA's Benny Andersson. "I love Postflickorna," he said in 1993. "I remember thinking even when I was a child that the sound they made was very special. I'm not quite sure if it was because of their spirit or if it was the way they harmonised, but I thought it was very uplifting and I still do." High-register female vocals were of course a feature of ABBA's recordings, so the influence was certainly there, and in 1987 Benny recorded a deliberate homage to the Postflickorna sound, on the vocal part of the song 'Klinga mina klockor', featuring an all-star Swedish female choir.

The track in today's Advent Calendar post is a medley of traditional Swedish Christmas songs, entitled 'Juldanser' ("Christmas Dances"), recorded in 1957 and included on the EP Jul med Postflickorna ("Christmas With Postflickorna").These are the type of songs you would hear when you were dancing around the Christmas tree. I'm not sure how many Swedes still do that - I know I never did when I was younger, at least not at home, as our living room wasn't big enough to allow dancing around a tree.

On the EP, the medley is actually two medleys. I've featured the first one here, maybe part two will be heard in a future Advent Calendar.

Listen here.




The EP Jul med Postflickorna, which features their medley of Christmas dances.