03 December: Dottie Evans With The Brigadiers Quartet: When Christmas Comes To Our House

Published December 03, 2019

It's hard to find Christmas songs that haven't been done to death, but I think this one has seldom been recorded after this original version, which I believe hails from the mid-1950s. Neither Dottie Evans nor The Brigadiers Quartet seems to have made much of an impression in the music industry, but this song is quite pleasant and its tone is mirrored by the "ideal family Christmas" image on the album sleeve pictured here.

'When Christmas Comes To Our House' was written by Enoch Light and one Kurzhene. Light went on to form the record company Project 3 Records, which released the recordings by The Free Design, whose song 'Close Your Mouth (It's Christmas)' was featured in the Advent Calendar back in 2012. You see - everything is connected.

Listen here.





This album features today's Advent Calendar song, When Christmas Comes To Our House.