02 December: Nina & Frederik: Christmas Time In London Town

Published December 02, 2019

Wouldn't I want to spend Christmas Time In London Town some time? I would, and maybe I will some day. I guess this early 1960s recording symbolises what I would hope that Christmas would feel like, although I know that in the 21st Century it won't be quite like that (and maybe it wasn't back in 1961 either). But I can dream, can't I?

This recording was first released as the B-side of Danish duo Nina & Frederik's 1961 single 'Little Shepherd Boy'. It was also included on a Christmas compilation album issued in 1966 and pictured here. I have to say there's something quite desperate in Nina's countenance in the sleeve photo, as if she foresaw the gruesome end her then ex-husband Frederik would meet in the 1990s, when he got in to drug smuggling and was shot dead. Nina herself became an actress and you may have seen her in films such as American Gigolo.

But let's not think of any of that as we enter the world depicted in Christmas Time In London Town.

Listen here.






The 1966 album A Season's Greeting From Nina & Frederik features their 1961 recording of Christmas Time In London Town.