21 December: Waldo de los Ríos: The First Noël

Published December 21, 2014

In the early Seventies, Argentine arranger Waldo de los Ríos had quite a bit of success with his pop versions of classical pieces, such as 'Mozart 40'. I seem to remember we had that particular track on a single when I was little, but listening to it today it sounds a little too pretentious-kitschy for my tastes.

In 1973 de los Ríos recorded a Christmas album, which includes a version of 'The First Noël' that certainly is no less kitschy, but in a fun way. Although he may of course have aimed for pretentious. Hmm... Well, you be the judge.

Listen to The First Noël here.

Christmas With Waldo de los Ríos.