18 December: Ferrante & Teicher: Brazilian Sleigh Bells

Published December 18, 2014

I think it's been made pretty clear from earlier posts in the Advent Calendar that I'm a sucker for Christmas music recorded by easy listening artists. Today, I bring you another example of that, in the shape of the pianist duo Ferrante & Teicher.

'Brazilian Sleigh Bells' was originally released on their 1962 album 'Snowbound'. It's a bit mad but that's the way I like it. The link below will take you to a performance by the duo on The Dean Martin Show - to think that there was a time when this passed for television entertainment. Ferrante & Teicher come across as geekier versions of Liberace, completely lacking his flamboyance. I love it, of course. And I also like the reel-to-reel tape recorder that's visible throughout Dean's introduction. How very bachelor-pad-y.

Watch and listen to Brazilian Sleigh Bells here.

Ferrante & Teicher: Snowbound.