16 December: Rhys O'Brien: Christmas Morning

Published December 16, 2014

I know absolutely nothing about this track, nor about Rhys O'Brien, except that they're both great. By the sound of it, I guess it must be a late Sixties/early Seventies release. Apparently it was produced by Phil Ramone. And Mr O'Brien wrote it himself. That's it.

Listen to Christmas Morning here.

Update 22 December 2016:

I was contacted on Facebook and received the following info about Rhys O'Brien:

Mr O'Brien was a junior high music teacher (West Islip Junior High School---Udall Road in West Islip NY.) The record was released in the fall of 1967, the A side a somewhat anti-Vietnam Christmas song called "The Sound of Christmas", also featuring Mr O'Brien singing and playing his harpischord!


Rhys O'Brien: Christmas Morning.