13 December: Dick Leibert: Jingle Bells

Published December 13, 2014

We've already had a version of Jingle Bells in the Advent Calendar this year, and although I'm loath to repeat myself, this Wurlitzer version by one Dick Leibert is simply too good to be missed.

On the cover of A Merry Wurlitzer Christmas, the 1959 album from which this track was taken, Leibert is described as "the leading theater organist of the country", the country being the United States Of America of course. On the evidence of this album, I don't see any reason to doubt that statement, although I wonder how much need there actually was for a theater organist in the late Fifties.

No matter, I'm glad this album was recorded (at the Byrd Theater in Richmond, Virginia, as it happens), since Leibert really goes to town on his interpretations, not least on Jingle Bells.

Listen to Jingle Bells here.

Dick Leibert: A Merry Wurlitzer Christmas.