12 December: The Emotions: Black Christmas

Published December 12, 2014

The Emotions are obviously best-known for their U.S. number one The Best Of My Love and their collaboration with Earth, Wind & Fire on Boogie Wonderland, but they had been around for a long time before those late-Seventies high-marks came along.

Black Christmas was a 1970 single that went absolutely nowhere on any charts, apparently, which seems unfair somehow. The singing is absolutely impeccable, the tune is hummable enough and, of course, the theme of the lyrics are poignant - in my case especially since just the other day I watched a Civil Rights Movement-themed episode entitled A Long March to Freedom, in the brilliant 10-part series The Sixties (produced by Tom Hanks' Playtone company; check it out if you can). It's a subject that always makes me really upset, and I can never really get my head around the fact that as late as the 1960s a leading politician could have "Segregation Forever!" as a slogan.

Anyway: This is a great track, regardless of its historical setting.

Listen to Black Christmas here.


The Emotions: Black Christmas.