06 December: Floral Pops 70: White Christmas

Published December 06, 2014

Is having the number 70 in your recording artiste moniker a sure-fire sign of quality? I'm beginning to think so. In previous years' advent calendars we've had The London Sound 70 Orchestra And Chorus (the entry for 2012 is here, and 2013 is here), and now we have Floral Pops 70 and their highly personal interpretation of White Christmas.

What the two acts have in common is that they seeem to have been active in the early Seventies (hence the "70", I suspect, to point out how ultra-modern they actually were), that they are both anonymous session-musicians-and-vocalists ensembles, and that their music is both groovy and insane - or, if you will, insanely groovy.

Listen to White Christmas here.

Floral Pops 70: Drum Christmas Para Bailar.