24 December: Rita Faye Wilson: Sleigh Bells, Reindeer And Snow

Published December 24, 2013

And so, the final entry in the 2013 Advent Calendar. I think this recording, Sleigh Bells, Reindeer And Snow by Rita Faye Wilson, fell into obscurity not long after it was recorded, circa mid-Fifties. But then John Waters included it on a 2004 compilation album entitled A John Waters Christmas, and since then its profile may have been raised a bit. Marginally, but still. If I can make sure a few more people will hear it, then I will have done at least one good deed this year.

Rita Faye Wilson, aka just Rita Faye, apparently made a more familiar contribution to the Christmas music genre with I Fell Out Of A Christmas Tree. She also recorded a religious album in 1961, entitled Rita Faye's Autoharp, on the cover of which she does indeed pose with an autoharp, presumably also played by herself on the album.

With this piece of more-than-you-needed-to-know information, I'd like to thank everyone who has kept up with this year's Advent Calendar. Thanks for all your comments and Facebook likes. And last but not least, in the words that finishes Rita Faye's recording: Merry Christmas!

Listen here.

Rita Faye Wilson.