09 December: Ringo Starr: Come On Christmas, Christmas Come On

Published December 09, 2013

The post-Beatles recording career of Ringo Starr has had its ups and downs. Mostly downs, perhaps, at least commercially speaking. But for a few years in the early Seventies, it could be argued that he was the most popular ex-Beatle, with seven U.S. Top Ten singles between 1971 and 1975, and a couple of successful albums. Tip: If you buy those two albums on CD (1973's Ringo and 1974's Goodnight Vienna), the bonus tracks include his non-album hit singles from that era, which means that you have what amounts to a double-CD best-of.

But I'm digressing. In 1999, Ringo recorded a Christmas album entitled I Wanna Be Santa Claus, which I bought with some trepidation. I don't exactly recall how the rest of the album is, but the opening track, 'Come On Christmas, Christmas Come On', is a really catchy glam-rock stomper that puts a little oomph back in the Advent Calendar after yesterday's mellowness (if that's a word).

Listen here.

Ringo Starr: I Wanna Be Santa Claus.