16 December: The Brady Bunch: The Little Drummer Boy

Published December 16, 2012

Christmas With The Brady Bunch was the first album released by the cast of the late Sixties/early Seventies television series. If truth be told, most of the album is unlistenable, "the pitiful warbling of 'Greg's' 'O Holy Night'" (in Brady Bunch expert Lisa Sutton's words) being a case in point.

However, the album offers the odd gem. One of my favourite tracks is the version of 'The Little Drummer Boy', which has an almost eerie quality to it. Part of me sees six enthusiastic kids grouped around a microphone, but the slow tempo, the sort of detached singing, and the generally doom-laden arrangement conjures up an image of quite a different kind: the Brady kids walking slowly towards me, zombie-like, arms out-stretched, as if they were ghosts of Christmas past. Unintentional, certainly, but nevertheless spooky!

Listen to 'The Little Drummer Boy' here.

Christmas With The Brady Bunch.