15 December: The Hep Stars: Christmas On My Mind

Published December 15, 2012

This, for my money, is one of The Hep Stars' best recordings, not least thanks to Benny Andersson's amazing Hammond organ work. Curiously, although virtually everything the band had released for the past couple of years had become major hits, 'Christmas On My Mind' failed to show up on any of the major charts when it was released as a single towards the end of 1967.

The song was written by Berry Bjärenäs, a member of a band called Vat 66. A talented song writer, obviously, so it's a shame that this song didn't enjoy the success it deserved. But it's still here for all of us to enjoy, and it makes me wish that Benny would use the Hammond organ more often on his recordings.

Listen to 'Christmas On My Mind' here.

The Hep Stars: Christmas On My Mind.