06 December: The Beatles: Christmas Time (Is Here Again) + 07 December: Unknown Child Of Asian Origin: Silent Night

Published December 07, 2012

So, yesterday was a very busy day at CMP headquarters and before I knew it I had to dash off to attend Pet Sounds' Music Quiz here in Stockholm (we finished third), which meant that I never had the time to post an advent calendar song for December 6. I ought to be ashamed of myself!

To compensate, here are the songs for yesterday and today - both on the same day! Yesterday's contribution is my own edit (or early fade, really) of The Beatles' Christmas Time (Is Here Again). Recorded in 1967 for the annual Christmas record sent out to their British fan club members, it was only released in its unedited version as an extra track on the Free As A Bird CD single in 1995. Paul, John and George all take turns singing the same lines solo in the recording, but since Paul is the only one singing with any conviction whatsoever, I decided to fade the song after his contribution. The three-part harmonies are as great as always, however.

Today's song is a version of Silent Night by an unknown child who seems to have recorded a number of Christmas songs in her native tongue. All I can make out is that it's an Asian language. If there's anyone out there who knows what language it is, I'd really like to know. The person who posted this at a Christmas blog believes it may be Japanese. I, for some reason, have the theory that it's Korean. So does anyone out there know?

Anyway, it's one of those recordings that has to be heard to believed. The girl sings with what can only be described as strong discipline. And my favourite bit is when she recites a bit of the English lyrics. Not to be missed!

Listen to The Beatles here.

Listen to Silent Night here.

The Beatles: Christmas Time Is Here Again!