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Published May 29, 2019

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ABBA played the Paramount Theatre, not the Portland Opera House

Published May 10, 2019

Every now and then it is suggested to me that, surely, we know everything there is to know about ABBA by now. My reply is always that the ABBA story is still under-researched. Here's an example why.

As I was preparing to go to Portland, Oregon, to attend the ARSC conference, I decided to look up the venue ABBA played there on their 1979 tour of North America. It's a little hobby I have to look up these buildings and take a few pictures.

In the official tour programme, the venue was listed as Portland Opera House, and that's indeed what I had in my files as well. However, I noticed that many years ago I'd made a note that "some sources say Paramount Theatre". Investigating it a little further, I noticed that the reviews of the concert mentioned the Paramount Theatre, so clearly, the venue was changed after the programmes had been printed.

I haven't had time to track down any ads from Oregon papers, but for now I'm fairly convinced ABBA never performed at the Opera House. I don't recall this venue switch being mentioned in the fan community, so I can only assume Oregonian ABBA fans from back in the day aren't very active in fan circles these days.

Today, the Paramount Theatre is known as The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (see picture).

So: still learning new things about ABBA, even after 25 years of researching their story.


Picking up my book award next week

Published May 04, 2019

May 8-11, 2019, I will attend the ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collections) conference in Portland, Oregon. Last year, my book ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions won the award for Best Popular Music Discography, and on Saturday, May 11, I will be presented with the actual award at a ceremonial dinner.

While I'm there I will also give a lecture about the book and ABBA's recording philosophies, this will take place on Thursday, May 9.

I'm really looking forward to attending the conference, hanging out with likeminded people and listening to a number of interesting lectures. It's my first time at an event such as this, so I'm curious what it might be like. And, of course, I still have to pinch my arm that my book has won an award!

Read more about the conference here. #ARSCaudio2019

If you feel like buying an award-winning book, ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions can be ordered here: abbathecompleterecordingsessions.com