A look at the book

Published October 27, 2016

In this week's update about the revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, I haven't got so much to report except that I'm writing, writing, revising, writing, writing and then revising some more, seven days a week.

I'm also pleased to report that my designer Maria Nicholas is hard at work with the book design for the completed chapters and is making great progress. I've always been concerned that the revised edition should be reader-friendly and generally good-looking, and I think that's exactly what Maria is accomplishing.

You can view a couple of sample spreads from the 1972 chapter here and here.

If you haven't pre-ordered your copy yet, please do so at abbathecompleterecordingsessions.com. Your continued pre-orders are an immense encouragement to me!


ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions: publication date set

Published October 20, 2016

Important information about this book - please read the entire message:

I'm pleased to announce that all is set for a publication of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions on 31 March 2017. On 28, 29 and 30 March I will be busy signing all the books to those who have pre-ordered, and then the books will be shipped to its recipients from a warehouse in the UK on 31 March. Your personally signed and dedicated copy of the book will be with you in the first half of April.

The size of the book will be 240 x 200mm, number of pages: 448pp. Full colour, with illustrations.

There have also been some further changes to the contents of the book. As previously announced, because there is so much more information about ABBA's studio work than I anticipated, the stories about the single and album sleeve designs had to be removed and published in a separate e-book that will be free for everyone who pre-ordered ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions. I have now found that I have to move even more information from the main book to this "companion volume", namely the vintage review quotes and the detailed stories about how the record companies promoted ABBA's records.

Crowdfunding and self-publishing ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions is partly about trying to see if this might be a way forward for so-called "special interest" titles: ABBA books that will attract a relatively small but highly motivated readership. I had a somewhat over-ambitious plan for expanding the scope of the book for this updated edition, and it turned out that just the "creating the music" stories were more than enough to fill the pages of this book with interesting and fascinating stories.

The readers are the winners here, though: you will get quite a lot for your investment and faith in this project - the recording sessions book, plus a second volume of interesting facts and stories about the record releases. Essentially, this companion volume will be a book about what happened to ABBA's music once they had signed off on the recording studio work. My working title for this second book is "Releasing ABBA", but this will probably change. For those who would prefer to have a printed version of the companion volume, this will also be possible, at a cost. There will be more details about that next year - for now the focus is on finishing ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions.

If you'd like to have your name printed in ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions as someone who has supported the project by pre-ordering, the cut-off date for that is 1 December 2016. Pre-orders of signed copies will be accepted after that, but your name won't be printed in the book. The cut-off date for pre-orders of signed copies is 15 March 2017.

Again, I'd like to thank everyone for your patience and enthusiasm. I'm confident that you will enjoy ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions!

Here's a summary of the most important points:

• 1 December 2016: Last day for pre-ordering if you'd like to be acknowledged in the book.

• 15 March 2017: Last day for pre-ordering a signed copy of the book, dedicated to you personally.

• 31 March 2017: The book ships from the UK and, depending on where you live in the world, it will reach you during the first half of April 2017.

• Later in 2017: "Releasing ABBA" (working title) ebook published. Free for everyone who pre-ordered ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, available for purchase for everyone else. Printed versions of this book also available at a cost. Publication date and other details to be confirmed. I have no more information to share about this book at this stage; more details to follow in 2017.

Your continued pre-orders will help support this exciting book project! Pre-order your copy here: abbathecompleterecordingsessions.com

Agnetha and Frida - super vocalists

Published October 06, 2016

The revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions will feature a series of essays taking the reader through the making of an ABBA song, step by step. The first essay is entitled "Writing the tunes", the following "Writing the lyrics", and so on.

I've just completed the essay entitled "Recording the vocals", which currently stands at 6,200 words. I especially enjoyed writing this essay since it allowed me to take a closer look at Agnetha and Frida's invaluable contribution to ABBA's recordings. Because Björn and Benny were the creative core of ABBA, the female half of the group are heard from a little less in this book, yet without them we wouldn't have had ABBA. When asked in a 1977 interview why ABBA were so popular, Björn answered as follows: “I think we have to give the girls a lot of credit. The way that they sing the songs and also the way that they sell them over screens, over television, is very important. And they’re probably the best around right now, I think.” Who would argue with that assessment?

In writing this essay I went back to my original interviews with Frida and Agnetha and found some interesting comments that didn't make it into the original edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions. It feels great to be able to bring them into this essay, as I do want their opinions and reflections to be heard as much as possible. Naturally, I've gone to other sources as well to find comments from the two ladies on how they worked in the studio so as to give a complete, well-rounded view of their extraordinary contribution. 

One of my proof readers says that this essay is "great" - I hope you will agree with him when you read the book! Speaking for myself, in bringing together all these facts and stories my admiration for Frida and Agnetha has only grown, if that were possible.

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