Two new ABBA books

Published November 25, 2013

There's been a lot of talk about upcoming ABBA books lately. In addition to ABBA - The Official Photo Book, there are also a couple of books featuring my own involvement: ABBA - The Backstage Stories and the revised edition of Bright Lights Dark Shadows - The Real Story Of ABBA. However, although that's all very excting, your cravings for new ABBA literature can actually be sated right now, by two great books.

ABBA w Polsce by Maciej Oranski was published in September 2013. Although I don't understand a word of its text, the book seems to be focused on ABBA's visit to Poland in October 1976, at which time they filmed the television special ABBA w Studio 2. The book is clearly a labour of love, with plenty of pictures from the making of the television special and ABBA's visit to Poland in general, and what I believe to be background info on what went on during the group's time there. How about an English-language translation of the text in the book? I, for one, would be willing to pay for a password-protected pdf of the translation.

The other new book is Let's Talk About ABBA by Stany van Wymeersch, published in November 2013. Available in Dutch and English versions, the book features interviews with people who worked with ABBA or its individual members, and with people who knew them, or are admirers of them. Or who have some other kind of connection: Do you want to know how Connie Francis feels about being Agnetha's biggest inspiration? It's in here. I haven't read the book yet, but I've looked through it from cover to cover and it seems very, very interesting, with lots of detail. Also, the book is crammed with pictures and the printing quality is excellent. In other words: I urge you to get this book.

These books are not so easy to buy outside Poland and The Netherlands, respectively, but you can get them from the ABBA Fan Club Shop (see links to the right). And I think you should buy them both.