Benny, The Accordion And The Opera Singer

Published May 05, 2012

All die-hard ABBA fans know about the group's performance of Dancing Queen on the royal gala held the evening before the wedding between Sweden's king and queen in June 1976. But a little-known fact from that night is that Benny Andersson did another performance that night. Yes, when opera singer Kjerstin Dellert performed 'O, min Carl Gustaf' (a song written by Emil Norlander, who wrote and staged many revues in the early 1900s), she was accompanied on the accordion by none other than Benny.

I was reminded of this fact last night when I watched a documentary about Kjerstin Dellert, which featured a very short clip of the performance, in which Benny is visible for a second or two. You can watch it on SVT Play (the clip occurs at about 03:05; it's available until June 3, 2012).

Björn and Benny also produced Dellert's recording of the song, which became a hit in Sweden, reaching number two on the vote-based Svensktoppen radio chart.