Typeface shock revelation

Published October 27, 2010

Although I'm not a designer by trade, I find the question of different typefaces quite interesting: their usage, what they may signify, why one looks good and another looks crap, and so on. Yes, I even watched the documentary about Helvetica.

In the latest issue of The Word magazine, they've interviewed Simon Garfield, author of a new book entitled Just My Type. They've also asked him to comment on a few examples of a typeface being used in completely different contexts. I must admit, I wasn't aware that Nirvana (the rock band) and Mamma Mia! (the musical) both use the same typeface for their logos. It's called Bodoni.

I'm not sure that there are any clever conclusions to be drawn from this fact, but Garfield says that the typeface is "classic and built to last but also modern and spiky". So is that something that would apply to both Nirvana and Mamma Mia?

Let The Music Speak

Published September 21, 2010

About four years ago I was contacted by Chris Patrick, a professional musician whom I'd only met once before, when he visited Stockholm in 1997. This time, in 2006, Chris wanted to discuss a pet project of his, namely a book that analysed ABBA's music in detail. Naturally, I was quite interested in his project, not least since I knew that many fans had wanted such a book for several years. Compared to many of the other legendary acts in the history of pop music, the ABBA book shelf is still pretty slim, so the addition of such a book - something that really hadn't been attempted before - to the ABBA fans' library would be most welcome.

I know that Chris worked very hard, and at great personal sacrifice, to make his book become reality. Along with Ian Cole I read through a couple of drafts of the manuscript, and tried to help out wherever I could.

It was a great thrill to finally see the book in print in 2008. Although ABBA - Let The Music Speak is not your ordinary biography, instead going into great detail on the construction of ABBA's songs, Chris' easy prose ensures that it's still a fairly straightforward read. So do yourself a favour and pick up a copy, to gain some fascinating insight into ABBA's musical universe.

Click the link to the right to read the foreword I wrote for the book. And click the link to Chris' website to find out even more about ABBA - Let The Music Speak.

Picture of the day

Published September 17, 2010

Ricchi e Poveri

The auditions for the part of Donna in Mamma Mia! attracted absolutely everyone.