Writing about ABBA - it's a jigsaw puzzle

Published August 27, 2015

In last week's blog on the revised and expanded edition ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, I wrote about having all the facts and figures collected and easily accessible in one and the same place. When this is the case, it's almost like pushing a button when you're doing the actual writing.

Another fascinating aspect is the "jigsaw puzzle factor". This is when scattered facts, stories and eyewitness accounts are brought together and suddenly a picture emerges that is entirely new or at least more complete. Separately, those pieces of the puzzle may be interesting in themselves, but then you realise that they actually fit together and will create something you didn't even know was there to be seen.

I feel like I'm experiencing this all the time as I'm writing this book. For instance, just now I was piecing together the story about the 'I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do' single. Suddenly, a random note I made about it when I did my original research back in 1993 acquired a meaning and importance it didn't have before when coupled with facts I've found during more recent research and interviews. I love it when that happens, and I'm sure it's going to keep on happening as I go on finding and adding other pieces to the puzzle that is the story of ABBA's recorded work.

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Put the pieces of the ABBA puzzle together and a brand new and unexpected image may emerge. Pic courtesy of the website The ABBA Phenomenon in Australia.