Vintage ABBA poster featured in new book

Published August 29, 2012

Premium Publishing will soon issue a book of concert posters drawn by Nils Sture Jansson. Nils Sture who?, I hear you ask. Well, during the Seventies and Eighties his posters for Stockholm's Gröna Lund were well-known in Stockholm and perhaps in the rest of Sweden as well. Jansson had a very distinctive drawing style, and his drawings were used on posters and in advertisements. They became a sort of trademark for the Gröna Lund shows.

A selection of his concert posters have now been collected in a book, entitled Grönalundsaffischerna ("The Gröna Lund Posters), which of course features the poster for ABBA's concert at Gröna Lund in June 1975.

More information at the Premium Publishing website.