Two weeks 'til crowdfunding blast-off...

Published January 14, 2015

Today, it's exactly two weeks until the crowdfunding campaign for the revised, updated and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions kicks off. All the pieces are beginning to fall into place and I'm really looking forward to pushing the launch button. Here are a few random thoughts at this particular point in time.

As I hinted in my previous blog, my initial page count estimate proved to be insufficient. After discussing the matter with my designer and the printer, we're now looking at somewhere between 400 and 500 pages (originally I'd thought we'd land somewhere between 300 and 400). A little more than I had envisioned, then - but this is no time to compromise on the inclusion of interesting information about ABBA's recorded work, is it?

All tickets for the event in London on 7 February, where I will be talking about the book, are now gone. The event is sold out.

Since I first announced the plans to publish an updated edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions about a month ago, I've had a fantastic reaction from the ABBA fan community. There is so much enthusiasm out there that I'm really overwhelmed. Some have even reached out and offered to help out with information and materials - to say that I'm touched and grateful is a gross understatement. Every author of ambitious factual books knows that there is no way you can do absolutely everything by yourself, you always rely on people helping out through enthusiasm for what you're trying to achieve and with no other reward than the gratitude of the author. I'd like to extend a warm thanks to everyone who has shown their support so far, whether through offering to help or simply through being enthusiastic about the project.

More information about the updated version of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions can be found here. It's easy to be notified of updates about the book and the upcoming crowdfunding campaign by following me on Facebook or on Twitter. (If you're worried that you're going to be inundated with updates and tweets, fear not - I seldom post things not related to my work, and you will usually only hear from me a few times every week, at the most.)

Please keep on spreading the word about the crowdfunding campaign, which starts on 28 January: ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions will only be published if the campaign succeeds.


ABBA at Polar Music Studio in 1978.