Two months until ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions ships

Published February 02, 2017

In less than two months, ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions will start shipping to everyone who has pre-ordered it. Here's a summary of what the book is about:

ABBA - THE COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS is a revised and expanded edition of a book first published in 1994, dealing with the writing and recording of ABBA's music. This is not just a rehash of the previous book, but a completely rewritten volume with lots and lots of new information about ABBA's music. The original book encompassed 128 pages - the new version covers 448 pages. This is "ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions 2.0".

THE AUTHOR HAS LISTENED to hours and hours of unreleased mix tapes that weren't accessible back in the 1990s, discovering so many things about ABBA's music that we never knew before. Further research has also been conducted in a myriad of sources, digging up new or long-forgotten facts.

THE FOUR ABBA MEMBERS were all interviewed for the original book along with their sound engineer, Michael B. Tretow, and some of the most frequently used musicians. Comments and observations made by ABBA, Tretow and the musicians at the time, but not included in the original volume, have been incorporated in the new book. Benny also sat down with me a couple of times to answer some questions specifically for the present volume, while Björn contributed via email. Several more people have been interviewed, including the musicians who played on the Voulez-Vous session in Miami Florida, the drummer/percussionist who was the last outside musician to contribute to an ABBA recording, and more than a third of the children who sang on I Have A Dream - just to name a few. 

THE TEXT IS THE STAR in this book, meaning that the details and the information about ABBA's music takes precedence over illustrations. My ace designer, Maria Nicholas, has done a marvellous job in ensuring that the pages look attractive and that the text is reader-friendly.

THERE WILL BE ILLUSTRATIONS in the book but mostly record sleeves, vintage ads, track sheets and Björn's original lyric sheets. However, there are photographs in the book, and I have pictures of ABBA working in the recording studio from two photo sessions that, to the best of my knowledge, have never been published before.

PRE-ORDER YOUR SIGNED COPY with a personal dedication to you before 15 March: if you like ABBA and are interested in exactly how one of the world's biggest pop acts created their music, this is the book for you.



ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, published 31 March 2017.