Three good reasons to pre-order a copy of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions

Published March 19, 2015

Why should you pre-order a copy of the revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions? Well, the main reason is that the book will tell you a lot of previously unknown facts and stories about ABBA's music. If, like many others, you feel that's reason enough, then just pre-order here:

But, just in case, here are three additional reasons:

1.  All hardback copies of the book will be personally signed by me, the author, with a dedication to you.

2.  At the moment it looks like the updated ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions will only be printed once. So if you want to secure a signed hardback copy, it's now or never.

3.  Because of the low number of copies presently scheduled to be printed, it seems the hardback version of the book will be rarest of rare ABBA books, the ultimate collector's item. It might even be a good idea to invest in several copies: you may pre-order as many copies as you like, whether for yourself or for friends. As for my signature, you can request to whom the book should be signed, or if you prefer that there is no dedication at all. Just let me know at and I will file away your specifications in a "special requests" folder for future reference.

Convinced? Then pre-order your copy (or copies) of ABBA: The Complete Recording Sessions here:


ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions (cover for revised, updated and expanded edition; subject to change). Photos: Ola Lager © Premium Rockshot.