Those ABBA essays...

Published February 23, 2018

As I'm typing this, it's almost exactly a year since the printing presses started churning out physical copies of my book ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions. Looking back at the extraordinary 12 months since then, one of my proudest achievements in the book are the five essays describing how the ABBA songs came into life, from "Writing the tunes" to "Overdubbing and mixing". Judging by the feedback, they've been appreciated by readers as well.

Those extensive essays were by far the most complicated things to tackle in the book. I remember when I was going to put together the first of them, "Writing the tunes", and thinking to myself, "Oh, this will take no more than two or three days". Two weeks later the darned thing was finally completed. That's pretty much how it turned out with all the essays.

The problem was that I had collected so much information - from my own interviews, as well as other books and newspaper and magazine stories - and the whole point was to give the reader as many details as possible. The challenge, then, was to include all that information, and still make the essay readable. The pages you see in the illustration come from the documents I put together with all the info, from which I then pieced together the essays. It wasn't easy, but, even if I say so myself, it was worth the effort.

Curious about the book featuring these essays? Then please go to to find out more and to order your copy.

Some of the pages and pages of research material that formed the basis of the five "how the music was made" essays in ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions.