The new ABBA songs - my comments in the media

Published April 30, 2018

I was in Tuscany, Italy, when the news broke last Friday about the brand new ABBA songs to be unveiled later this year ('I Still Have Faith In You') and probably in the spring of 2019 ('Don't Shut Me Down'). I was out on a ferry, leaving the Isola Maggiore, which wasn't an ideal location when my phone started going berserk.

Anyway, I managed one radio interview on BBC Radio Berkshire, which you can listen to here (I was on mobile phone, so there are some drop-outs here and there).

I was also interviewed by the Swedish news agency TT, and their story was published in various newspapers, for example here. (In Swedish)

There was also a story by the news agency AFP, which you can read here. (In English)

Finally, a very brief comment from me was published in the German magazine Stern. (In German)

At the time of doing the interviews I didn't have the info on 'Don't Shut Me Down', which has been described by Björn as an uptempo song, so I was clearly wrong when I surmised that both tunes were ballads and/or mid-tempo. Either way, I'm looking forward to hearing them!


ABBA - they're back!