Some thoughts on going through almost your entire website

Published March 09, 2014

From time to time I try to go through my entire website to check for dead links, outdated information, and generally tweak and change things here and there. I've just spent a few days doing just that (not the blogs or the news items, though) and here's a few things I learned or concluded.

Number one: This will probably be the last time I go through the site from start to finish like this. Since I launched my first site "Carl Magnus Palm On The Web" in 1998, the amount of information and pages and links to this, that and the other has grown out of all proportion - or at least it's too much for one individual to keep track of. And as much as I want the site to be the best it can, I somehow feel my time could be more fruitfully spent than checking if the ABBA Gold DVD is still available from Amazon in France.

That said, I will certainly welcome input from site visitors, should you happen to come across any dead or inaccurate links. Please click on "Contact" in the bottom left corner and let me know - your help is much appreciated.

I also realised that a number of ABBA-and-related CDs have been deleted since the last time I went through the site. Apart from limited edition box sets, titles such as Frida 1967-1972, Cadillac Madness (The Hep Stars), and ABBA's The Definitive Collection are no longer in distribution; the latter title has of course been replaced by The Essential Collection. However, copies of all three titles are still doing the rounds; if you haven't bought any of them yet but want them for your collection, you might want to check out the ordering links for each title on this site.

Finally, yet another fine ABBA site seems to have gone offline. I linked to Jean-Marie Potiez's ABBA - Another Site because of his extensive coverage of the Frida 1967-1972 CD, but the entire site has now disappeared, which is a shame. It reminds me how fragile the Internet actually is in terms of long-time availability of information. Just because a site has been there for a long time it doesn't mean that it will be there forever, so if it's got information that interests you, you'd better download and save it while you can.


The Definitive Collection - gone but not forgotten.