Signing completed, shipping begun...

Published March 30, 2017

Today, after three intense days of signing well over 1,000 books, I finally completed that monumental task. Contrary to expectations, my signing hand is in good shape despite the strain its been under, thanks for asking.

Parallel with the signing, the capable staff of CPI (the printers who produced the book) in Melksham, UK have been busy packing and shipping the books. Shipping actually started Tuesday and Wednesday with orders outside Europe, then went on to Europe yesterday and today, when shipping also started for UK orders, which will complete tomorrow. Not each and every book will be shipped in this geographical order, because of special requirements for some orders, but generally speaking this means that the "time gap" between delivery of orders in the UK and orders in Europe and outside Europe will be a little less wide.

The fact that the book now exists as a physical artefact still feels a little unreal to me, so it will be a while before it sinks in properly. Until then, I hope it will feel real enough for you when receive it - and, of course, that you will enjoy it.

The book is still available for ordering here:







A Royal Mail bag-ful of ABBA books.