Rutger Gunnarsson remembered

Published July 24, 2015

It's sad to think that with the passing of Rutger Gunnarsson on 30 April this year, the two musicians who appeared on more ABBA recordings than anyone outside the group - Rutger and drummer Ola Brunkert - are no longer with us. Although neither Rutger nor Ola were required to take centre stage on ABBA's recordings, indulging in intricate solos, that was also the point: they delivered a solid backing, yet were able to apply just enough personal colour to make their contributions feel human. That isn't necessarily an easy trick to pull off.

Even though it was for a sad reason, I was pleased to see that obituaries for Rutger Gunnarsson were published in two UK music magazines recently: Uncut (June issue) and Record Collector (July issue). Gone but not forgotten, as the saying goes. I've attached both obituaries here.


Record Collector


Rutger Gunnarsson 1946-2015.