Research - a never-ending story

Published January 28, 2021

I first started collecting material and doing research into ABBA's history - with a focus on the their music - back in 1990. This means that although work on the first version of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions didn't kick off for real until 1993, I've now been researching ABBA for more than 25 years.

Since then, this research on all things connected to the group and its members has never stopped. Over the years I've been constantly collecting newspaper and magazine cuttings, radio and television items, and books, and then, in most cases, made notes of what I have and where I have it. Sometimes I've asked myself what I'm doing this for - the information just gets filed away and I don't know when or where it's ever going to be put to use. But I go on collecting stuff, because you never know: one day it might come in handy. True, some of it has gone into my Deluxe Edition liner notes, or one of my books, but much of it has never been used for anything.

However, as I've been working on the revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Reccording Sessions, I've had several moments of gratitude towards myself for saving and archiving all that stuff - not forgetting, of course, the people who have shared their own collections generously and those who have assisted me in putting everything into order over the years. It happens regularly that I think, "I wonder if I have something somewhere where an ABBA member has said something about this or that", or something along those lines, and usually I've located it with just a quick computer search. More often than not I didn't even remember that I had that information filed away.

This diligence in collecting over the years, then, is paying off in a big way in the new edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions. I'm sure you will agree when you read the book.

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